Bali Beauty HT WM 920.jpgGirls preparing to dance Day of Dead celebration HT 920.jpg3 Bali Beauties w Fan ht 920 wm.jpgDoing Laundry, India HT 920.jpgThe Walker Bhutan HT 920.jpgShadow Puppets ht 920.jpgMan w- Golden Prayer wheel ht 920.jpgMayan shop keepers ht wm 920.jpg2 women market HT wm 920.jpgwoman child ht wm 920.jpgWeaver in Light 42.5 ht 920.jpgWall in India 55 HT wm 920.jpgMayan Vendors 12.1 ht 920.jpgVendor Lady 3-10 ht wm 920.jpgTemple 281 ht 920.jpgPow wow Family 164 HT wm 920.jpgPow Wow 104 HT wm 920.jpgPlaying 181 HT 920.jpgOfferings in Holy water 16  6 ht 920.jpgNaddi Village, India 119 ht wm 920.jpgNaddi 2 sisters and brother 406 ht 920.jpgMonk on stairway224 HT 920.jpgMerchant w peas 47 ht wm 920.jpgMayan woman 2 - 22 ht 920.jpgMan w Rooster104 HT 920.jpgMale dancer 128 ht 920.jpgIndigo Monastery 2 red doors 231 ht wm 920.jpgHindu woman by wall 133 ht wm 920.jpgHead dress 91 ht wm 920.jpgGetting dressed 84 HT 920.jpgFerndale July 4th Window 35 ht wm 920.jpgFamily 59 ht wm.jpgDancing Boys 83 ht 920.jpgDancing Bali Girl 64 3 150  ht 920.jpgDancing 135 HT 920.jpgBhutanese Nun 483 ht 920.jpgBodie Ghosts 61 ht wm 920.jpgBali-Costume-Mask-.jpgBali Dancer 8 - 77 ht wm 920.jpg98. barber shop HT wm 920.jpg97. Cast out Misfortune ht 920.jpg83. Bali Master w Puppets 150 dpi.jpg79. Goldmine NV wm.jpg73. Crazy Eights wm.jpg7. Flying Gasoline H wm.jpg50. Abandoned home 2 wm.jpg45. Sonoma Gate H wm.jpg36. general store H wm.jpg30. Church in Rancho de Taos wm.jpg3 Naddi children 118 ht 920 wm.jpg24.Skulls 2 H wm.jpg22. Stupa, NM H  wm.jpg21. Abandoned Town, N Florida wm.jpg2 Bali Beauties 23 ht 920.jpg12. Ghosts H wm.jpg10. Bodie Bed H wm.jpg1. georgia cottage Hp wm.jpg
 Hand-Tinted or Hand-Painted Photographs

All custom hand-painted or hand-tinted color and black & white photographs on this web site are available for sale.

On location, I photograph images in 35 mm format. After editing the work, I print the negative on fiber based paper, then hand painted the image, using Marshall’s oil paint and pencil. I teach “How to Paint Photographs” here in Marin. My new technique is hand-tinting photographs and the series is called “The Beauty of Culture”.

Color Photographs

Frontier Gas 16 W wm.jpgBodie 69 inside H wm.jpgBodie Reflection 57 H wm.jpgGP Cash Register 10 H wm.jpgGP side of wall 14 W wm.jpgNevada Kid W wm.jpg3.Bali_Beauties 31w.jpgBali Children 5 10 wm.jpgBaliDancer5_w.jpgDancers in unison_h.jpgDancing like a bird_h JPEG.jpgDancing Bali Girl 0064 wm.jpgMale dancer 39 8 wm.jpgDancing Boy 83 wm.jpgDancers in Unison 2 w.jpgMonkey Temple 179  2 wm.jpgStoryteller 127 8 wm.jpgTemple 28  2 wm.jpgTop man of cremation 104 10 wm.jpgWeaver in Light 42  5 wm.jpgWoman in jungle 92 10 wm.jpg12. Oldest Tzong wm.jpgWoman w offerings 2 3 wm.jpg17. Himalaya W wm.jpg85. Monk in Monastery wm.jpg96. Dance of Treasure wm.jpg101. Sweet Nun wm.jpg23. Monk on stairway wm.jpg6.Laundry_h.jpgNaddi Children, India wm.jpgNaddi_Mother.h.jpgOld Delhi Wall_h.jpgPow Wow 104 dpi72 wm.jpgWoman w vegies.jpgPow Wow 161 dpi72 wm.jpgPow Wow 173 dpi72 wm.jpgTaos Aspens 27 dpi 72 wm.jpgEsalen Poppy 22 W wm.jpgPow Wow 178dpi 72 wm.jpgSt. Vincents 7 H wm.jpgYosemite Wall 53 W wm.jpg

Hand-Painted and Black & White Diptychs
12. Ghosts Framed 20 wm 2.jpg33. The Window a Framed wm 2.jpg50. Bit of Heaven Framed wm.jpg52. Hopi Ruins Framed 22 wm 2.jpg

Black & White Photographs

10. Bodie Bed BW wm.jpg12. Ghosts BW wm.jpg20. Souvenirs BW wm.jpg22. Stupa, NM BW wm.jpg36. general store II BW wm.jpg7. Flying Gasoline BW wm.jpg74. Crazy Eights BW wm.jpg75. Roadside Altar NM BW wm.jpg76. Skulls BW wm.jpg
To place an order, or have a CD sent to you with more available photographs, please email us with the image number, title, and shipping information. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions for sending payment. Payment is required before shipment. Prices are:

Hand tinted or Hand Painted Photograph 5″ x 7” Unframed – $250.00

Hand Tinted or Hand Painted Photograph 8″ x 10″ Unframed – $325.00

Hand painted and Black & White Diptych Photograph, 5”x 7” Framed – $550.00

Hand painted and Black & White Diptych Photograph, 8” x 10” Framed – $775.00

Color Photograph 8″ x 10″ – $275.00 – 16” x 20” – $325.00

Black & White Photograph 8″ x 10” – $250.00 – 16” x 20” – $300.00

Shipping and handling U.S. Unframed – $30.00 – Global shipping $75.00 – $100.00

Must email for an estimate for framed work and global shipping.

Unframed work comes unmatted. Black & White photographs are available.

All work is one of a kind, photographed and painted by Penni Webb. The artist signs each work, hand-painted, hand-tinted, color and black & white photographs, with the date on the back of the photograph. All copyrights have been registered in Washington DC and Penni Webb reserves all rights to the collection. If a photograph is special ordered, please allow 6 weeks for delivery — payment is required before shipment. Framed works cost more to ship.

If a museum retrospective is arranged, Penni would like to ask collectors to allow the museum to borrow the work that they purchased from her to be a part of the show. The work is insured and shipment is paid by the museum. This is a tax deduction for the collector. If a catalogue is created, the collector will be noted as owner of the work. If a show is arranged, the work will go up in value.